ChrIS' Journey

nasopharyngeal cancer and necrosis of the brain

In 2015, Chris was diagnosed with Stage 4 naseo-pharyngeal cancer. He completed treatment at the end of that year, and was cleared as cancer free. The good news was short lived as last year his oncologist discovered necrosis of the brain as a result of the aggressive cancer treatments. This has impacted Chris' mood, independence, short term memory, and ability to work.

As the necrosis continues to set in, Chris and his family are making the most of the time they have together by creating lasting memories.

Chris' and his wife Amy have endured these medical conditions all while supporting their teenage and young adult children through church missions and college. With Chris unable to work due to his condition the proceeds for this event will help relieve the family of some of their financial burdens.

Lessons Learned: Cancer Prevention

Coping and How Your Participation in the 5K will Help